As Ambassador to the EU, I welcome you to the website of the Madagascar Embassy in Brussels. Madagascar is a unique island, unique in its location its people and in its biodiversity . The Government of Madagascar has a powerful national vision for the country’s development. The Madagascar Action Plan (MAP ), an ambitious plan of development sets out concrete goals to establish a robust investment climate, and to improve the lives of the Malagasy people.

To ensure Madagascar reaches its potential, the government is committed to developing long-term bilateral partnerships with governments and establishing the right conditions for companies to invest and do business. A growth rate averaging over 6% since 2003 demonstrates a solid economic progress. Significant opportunities exist in four key sectors: manufacturing, agri-business, mining and tourism. This website aims to provide a comprehensive guide to all those with an interest in the future of Madagascar. Our team at the Embassy is available to assist with enquiries. For further information on any of the areas covered, please contact us .